Follow your
True North


It takes a big leap of faith to bring your passion, idea, need or dream to life.

The lack of time, money, confidence, skills, connections, space or past 'failures' can look like huge obstacles and prevent you from trying. So why take a leap?

Because study after study show that true and lasting fulfilment comes from living an authentic, present, purposeful and connected life. And this means allowing yourself to be who you are without judgement, apologising or feeling that you don't deserve the good stuff.


Change starts by connecting to a possibility that your life could be different


Your willingness to explore what a truly meaningful life would look like tells me that you are ready

And as a life coach I am here to support you on your journey there. Here is how it works:

  • We will start by taking a snapshot of your present life and look at where you wish it was different.

  • From here, I will design each session around what matters to you the most and help you connect, accept and embrace any obstacles standing in your way.

  • After each session I will give you a tailored practise to help you deepen your learning 

  • We will also review how you spend your time so that you can find a schedule that best aligns with the life you desire

  • Through coaching you will start connecting the dots, gain countless insights and find lasting confidence in yourself


A coach shines a light so that you know where to go


I invite you to a 30 minute free call with me to get a real feel for coaching and see if it is for you.


Other things good to know

  • I always recommend we meet at least 6 times.

  • In-person coaching is available in Stockholm, otherwise I will see you online.

  • We can meet weekly or fortnightly

  • Each session will last between 60-75 minutes

  • You will need a journal and a pen

  • A block of 6 sessions costs 4200 SEK or 450 $

  • Invoice and VAT are included in the price


Client testimonials

My clients represent women from all walks of life - I work with busy mums, entrepreneurs, university students and start-up founders.

Here I invite you to read their stories