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Bring your ideas to life


There is no shortcut to a fulfilling life - it all starts on the inside. By allowing yourself to be the wonderful person you are without judgement, apologising and feeling that you don’t deserve it. Because yes, you do!

True and lasting fulfilment comes from living an authentic, present, purposeful and connected life. I want this for you because you matter.


You have rare and beautiful gifts within you


And as a life coach I’m here to help you find a way to bring your ideas, goals and dreams to life and guide you on your journey of personal growth.

  • We will start by taking a snapshot from your current life and look at where you wish it was different

  • From here, I will design each session around what matters to you the most and help you connect, accept and embrace any obstacles standing in your way

  • After each session I will give you a tailored practise to help you deepen your learning 

  • We will also review how you spend your time so that you can find a schedule that best aligns with the life you desire

  • Through coaching you will start connecting the dots, gain countless insights and find lasting confidence in yourself


Is coaching for me?

Life coaching is a journey of personal growth with a purpose to empower you and help you achieve your goals. Here you can read personal stories from my clients about their experience of coaching.


Other things good to know

  • All coaching starts with a free consultation

  • I always recommend we meet at least 6 times, usually every 2 weeks

  • I coach both in person and online

  • Sessions lasts 60-75 minutes every

  • You will need a journal and a pen

  • A block of 6 sessions costs 4200 SEK (400 EUR) - VAT is included


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