Side Projects make the world go round


Afric Alba

By Moohgouon

A project dedicated to creating a purpose-built community centre for the African community based in Glasgow.

#community #African #events


Outdoor Buggies

By Agnes

Outdoor Buggies is a friendly social group for outdoor  families with babies and young children. We meet up to get out of the house, walk, have fun, socialise, have a coffee and chat.  

#outdoor #family #baby #nature


Food & Feel

By Art + Agnes

An Instagram channel about good food made at home.

#food #eatathome #wellbeing


Project Yolk

By Sophie + Hannah

Yolk is a mentoring project which matches young professionals (mentees) with more experienced colleagues who help them learn creative skills and how to use them in a workplace.

#youngpeople #mentoring #creativearts


Life in a Village

By Art + Agnes

Swapping the comfort of artisan coffee shops for a cosy farm life, up in the hills, away from it all. This experiment is about reducing noise in life - literally and metaphorically and being more connected to nature, others and ourselves.

#farm #truenorth #village