Start great things today.


There are nearly 4 billion women in this world. 4 billion carers, sisters, mothers, partners, daughters and friends. 4 billion ways to live an extraordinary life. Think about it.

An extraordinary life is about knowing your true purpose and fulfilling that purpose by doing the things that make your heart sing. I call these things side projects.

A side project is a great tool for developing your interests, learning new skills, helping others and connecting to your purpose. Side projects make you grow and make this world a better place. 

I'm here to help you create your dream side project with confidence. From connecting to yourself to learning how to bring your side project to life.

Welcome to Project Pop-Up - an organisation for women by women.  A space to be the person you are truly meant to be and a platform for taking action.

Today I encourage you to give yourself permission to start living that extraordinary life. Now let's get started.


Agnes Branny
Founder of Project Pop-Up


What others have said

'I deeply appreciate Agnes's ability to facilitate our group in an open, honest and secure way. I can clearly see a positive way forward together. Agnes has provided us with key tools & opportunities to identify our needs and we have focused on strategies to enable these needs to be met. Thank you.'


'Project Pop-Up was really beneficial. I came into the room with a lack of ideas and came up with an idea out of the two hours I was here. I now know what direction I want to move in and have a clear idea of where I want to go'


'Agnes devised a fantastic series of tasks, involving identifying our strengths, resources and questions and then (to our surprise) we fitted them all together to find solutions and projects. Agnes made decision-making so easy and fun!

We thoroughly enjoyed working with her and hold huge respect and admiration for her character and abilities - we would highly recommend working with Agnes'

Eilidh McKay, Director, The Project Cafe

'Really enjoyed having the opportunity to air my ideas, get feedback and fresh perspectives. The workshop gave me a framework to think and work in, encouraged me to set time frames for myself and commit to positive steps which will move me forward.'