LIFE Coaching

“I met Agnes during a challenging period of my life, in which I desperately needed to grow as a person and to find some clarity on the steps ahead. From the very first moment, I was amazed at how insightful Agnes was. She quickly understood who I was and where I was heading (or where I wanted to be heading), better than I understood myself. She is very talented at seeing the big picture and at helping me organize my emotions, needs and objectives. Agnes has an amazing ability to ask the right questions, and to make me see things from new perspectives.

Agnes has also been vital in keeping me motivated throughout this long process of personal growth. She has always an encouraging word or suggestion, and she keeps reminding me of how much progress I made.

Before I met Agnes I had no idea that coaching could be so valuable, but now it is clear that Agnes has been such an incredible support in my journey, that I am not sure what I would have done without her! As I tell my friends, everyone needs an Agnes in her life, and I very much hope that more women get to meet her and get to grow as persons and live more fulfilled lives.”




“The experience I've had so far with Agnes has been profound, energising and, I have to say, definitely shaking.

I wasn't really sure what to expect when I started these coaching sessions. Maybe a step-by-step plan: a to-do list? The type of which I'd have after a team meeting at my job. Something like a mental boot-camp? Similar to what I'd get for my body at the gym. Well, none of that happened!

I met Agnes at a time when I felt stuck professionally and personally. I felt cornered, slowly dragged away from where I really wanted to go.

With her background in psychology, Agnes has been incredible at understanding and putting my challenges into words. She is very soft in her approach, giving me space to think, reflect, breathe. Yet, she always finds ways to pin point where things get stuck and why it might be this way, taking your whole life history into account. Very positive, she also insists on successes and the ways to move forward.

Agnes is not here to tell you what to do and how to do it. It's like she's holding a mirror and helps you look at your true self. The rest is up to you!”



LIFE Coaching

“I’ve always been a bit sceptical about coaching, not because I don’t recognise the benefits but mainly because  as a very independent person and eventually a bit stubborn, I tend to think I can do everything by myself, and that I will eventually figure out the best paths to take me from A to B. But in everyday life I had been facing some challenges in unblocking my potential and reaching the next step in my career. Agnes has captured me quite well since the first sessions, and I truly felt confident that the coaching journey would make a difference. I needed to understand  what I needed to do better to reach where I wanted to be. It has been essential to have Agnes with an external perspective posing the right questions, highlighting my strengths and challenging me to overcome my fears, shaping the road map to reach my objectives and ultimately the person I want to become.”



BUSINESS coaching

“Agnes devised a fantastic series of tasks, involving identifying our strengths, resources and questions and then (to our surprise) we fitted them all together to find solutions and projects. Agnes made decision-making so easy and fun!

We thoroughly enjoyed working with her and hold huge respect and admiration for her character and abilities - we would highly recommend working with Agnes.”



LIFE Coaching

“Why am I so unhappy..?! This question has followed me all of my life. The answer to it I couldn't find anywhere nor on the internet nor in books. This feeling that I do not live my life never left me. I was in a state of deep despair when I met Agnes. She was the answer to my plea. Thank you, Agnes, for your support, patience and love for your work. She helped me to point out the reasons for my unhappiness. I have already lost my individuality. Thanks to working with Agnes, I revised my life and put down my priorities. I am learning to live again. I am learning to live my own life that I want, not the one that was written to me by others. I am now discovering myself. I love life! “



LIFE Coaching

“Having received coaching from Agnes, it helped me improve my business vision and the real reasons for its meaning in my life, thus having a better focus and sense. I totally recommend her as an excellent coach. Totally grateful.” 



“I deeply appreciate Agnes's ability to facilitate our group in an open, honest and secure way. I can clearly see a positive way forward together. Agnes has provided us with key tools & opportunities to identify our needs and we have focused on strategies to enable these needs to be met. Thank you.”



“Really enjoyed having the opportunity to air my ideas, get feedback and fresh perspectives. The workshop gave me a framework to think and work in, encouraged me to set time frames for myself and commit to positive steps which will move me forward.”